Crafty Syntax Live Help verison 3.3.6 Installation

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All of the text for CSLH that is shown on the users side can be in :
You can upgrade to the newest version of the Live Help and not lose any of your data...
Title of your Live Help:
This is the title of your Live Help.
Title of your Live Help:
Web path to Live Help:
This is the url to the Live Help on your server. It will be used to access the online help for your site..
Live Help HTTP path:
Live Help HTTPS path:
Administration user/Password:
Although you can create multiple Operators for the Live Help, there is a main administrator that can create users, edit, add, delete everything. Create that account here.
password (again):
Administration e-mail:
This is the e-mail address for the administrator of this Live Help program (used for lost password ) .
Full Path to Live Help:
This is the Full Path to Live Help. This file path should be like /www/username/public_html/livehelp NOT
Full Path to Live Help:
Opening message:
When users first open up the Live Help they are directed to a page to enter in their name so that Operators can identify them easy. This is the text shown on that opening page.
Opening Message:
Type of Database:
This is the type of database that you are using. If you are having trouble with your database settings you can look for help at the CSLH Database Support Page.. This version of Crafty Syntax requires a Mysql Database. If you would like to install Crafty Syntax without using a Mysql Database please visit : and see what is the latest version supports.
    If MySQL is selected above:
    SQL server:
    SQL database:
    SQL user:
    SQL password: